A serious accident occurred at competitions in Oslo. A four-man bobsled on the way
down, suddenly met another Norwegian bobsled on the way up.

A Norwegian was stopped by police because he had been driving too fast in his car.
- Your name?
- Ole Larsen.
- It may not be your real name.
- Elvis Presley, said the Norwegian.
- It's good, said the police and continued:
- You can not fool me by Ole Larsen.

A Norwegian man visited the dentist and asked to have a wisdom tooth inserted.

At the dentist

- Know what you give to seasick Norwegians?
- No!
- Lots of space.

A Norwegian keep on speaking at a medical consultation. Finally the doctor says:
- Now it's my turn to talk.
- Oh no! You doctor has a confidentiality.

A Norwegian, with a newly opened company, wanted to show off for a visitor. He is
pretending to talk on the telephone:
- Okey, I deliver the goods for 100,000 Swedish crowns tomorrow. When he has fini-
shed the call he turns to the visitor:
- With what can I help you?
- I would just install the phone.

A Norwegian talking on the phone

Some Swedish guys on the train journey in Norway decide to run with a very large
and strong Norwegian, so they "try to" pull the emergency brake all they can manage.
Eventually they give up. Then rises the Norwegian and he pulls the emergency brake
with one hand as the train stops. The conductor is rushing and asking:
- Who pulled the emergency brake?
- It was me and with one hand, the Norwegian said proudly.

Funny Stories, Page 6