- Do you know how to recognize a Norwegian aircraft in a snow storm?
- No!
- They have chains around the propellers.

The Norwegian wife run crash fond towards her husband and cried:
- I have learned a telephone.
At that moment the man noticed that both the fire brigade and police
were arriving.

- Now you can get your fill satisfied. I have baked a cake for you.
- Thank you very much, the Norwegian said.
- Should I cut it into four or six pieces?
- Cut it into four for I can not have enough to eat six.

Two Norwegians and pieces of a cake

A thief had entered the apartment just before the Norwegian pair
came home. The man at once sat down and watched football. The
thief had hiding behind the TV and after a while he found it unten-
able to hide there, so he left the apartment.
- Who was it that went out, asked his wife?
- There was a player at Tottenham who was deported.

Some Norwegians and Swedes had a competition in ice fishing. The
Swedes came up one fish after another while the Norwegians were
not any. So the Norwegians eventually sent over a spy for the Swedes.
He came back and said:
- The Swedes have drilled holes in the ice.

Two Norwegians were out fishing. They had an unusual amount of fish,
so one of them suggests:
- We are making a mark in the boat, so we know where we should fish
the next time.
- Are you crazy? We should certainly not be hiring the same row boat
next time.

Two Norwegians on fishing

A Norwegian is shot in the forehead and says:
- That was close.
["That was close" in Swedish is "Det var nära ögat". "Ögat" in English
is "The eye" and your two eyes are of course close to the forehead.]

A Norwegian had bought a pair of clogs in Ystad. The next day, he
will be back and want to replace them.
- What is wrong with them, ask the clerk?
- I would very much like a pair of long string in between.

It was a deployment on the barrack square at a regiment of Bergen.
Captain notes:
- Oh, damn the correction. Come on everybody, then you shall see
what a mess it is.

A deployment at a regiment of Bergen

Two Norwegian soldiers were in World War II spying on a German
sentinel. They dressed up like a lifelike cow and they peered through
the night. In the morning whispers front to rear.
- Now we have to run smooth for life.
- Why?
- There will be a German with a bucket and a milk stool.

The stories are from the book "Norgehistorier" by Reid Persson, 1984