The Norwegian pilot is talking to his skydivers:
- In that moment you have jumped out from the airplane, please
count to three. If you've finished counting, pull the string. If the
parachute does not develope, please try the spare parachute. If
that one doesn't work either, you're allowed to get a new para-
chute in the store.

A Norwegian is for the first time going by a helicopter and is
talking to the pilot:
- Please, couldn't You turn off the fan up there, because it is
droning too much.

Two Norwegians are discussing whose flagpole is the highest.
They will not agree. They therefore decide to cut them down in
order to measure them.

Two Norwegians and two flagpoles

A Norwegian luxury cruise ship is passing a tiny deserted island
in the Pacific. A passenger is asking the captain:
- Who is the man that is waving so eagerly from the island?
- I do not know, but he is always waving excitedly.

In a large Norwegian luxury ship was a magician, who entertained
the guests. Unfortunately, there was a very talkative Norwegian
who constantly sabotaged his numbers by telling the audience:
- He has it in his sleeve. He has it in his hat. The card is in your
pocket... etc..
Suddenly one night there was a storm and the ship went under.
Only the Norwegian and the Wizard escaped and now sat alone
in a life rescue boat. The Norwegian said nothing for a week.
Finally he could not be quiet anymore.
- I give up. Where is the ship?

A Norwegian entered a dark room and exclaimed:
- It has not been lit for a long time.

A Norwegian and a dark room

                A picture from the book "Norgehistorier" by Reid Persson.

The girl told me that it was the first time that she would ride.
- No problem! You must have a horse that no one else has rid-
den on before, said the Norwegian coach.

Funny Stories, Page 5