About my writing of my web pages of My home page
and other commenting Sites on the Internet

My General Description

I'm sorry. On the Internet there is so much bullshit.
There are Sites that comment my encoding of my web pages.

O.K. I'm writing the code of my web pages by my own.
That's why the appearance of the own written code isn't
the same as the code written in a web design program.

Of course I always check the contents and working of
my web pages. I would never publish web pages with bad
or wrong contents. Also I would never publish web pages
that don't work.

Some Comparing Tags

In the web design program you use "DOCTYPE". The document
type in my encoding is between the "title"-tags. In this
case the document type is the same as the type of a web
page. For example:

The type of this web page, that you're now reading, is
"An Information Page".

My encoding sign system is the basic ANSI-system.

If you use the language of JavaScript, you only have to
write the following according to my text book:

'<script language="JavaScript"><!-- .... // --></script>'

My final words

Of course if you don't write any malfunctioning web
pages, you write the code as you like.

In the Western world we have freedom of speech, liberty
of the press and freedom of correct encoding on the