At this web page I would like to give some information about my home
village Vejbystrand. I will also show pictures. All of the photographies
are taken by me during the years 2005 and 2006. I've totally written
24 web pages about Vejbystrand.

Vejbystrand is in the northwestern Scania, which is the most southern part of Sweden.

Vejbystrand name was first mentioned on a map from 1865. An older name is Vejbysjö.
Both names are from a close-located small village called Vejby that is documented in
writing from the year 1390.

In 1885 the railway came to the peninsula Bjärehalvön. Engelholm - Helsingborg was
opened for public traffic. The same year Engelholm - Engelholms port and last but not
least Engelholms port - Halmstad.
That was the radical and the nearest railway station for Vejbystrand became Barkåkra
station. Before the railroad came, it was the usual country to get around by horse and
wagon. By train it became easier to travel and it went faster. It went as to Engelholms
port and sea with the beach.
In 1922 they changed the station name Barkåkra to Vejbyslätt and simultaneously was
also Engelholms port to Skälderviken.

In Vejbystrand has mostly fed on fishing, agriculture and handicrafts.

  My Pictures:

A map of the northwestern part of Scania   The Square of Vejbystrand   A close-up of the artwork Sanna and Tora   The Library of Vejbystrand   The parish house of Vejbystrand

Fisherman's cottages in Vejbystrand   To the harbour by the beach way   To the beak Vejby Udde by the beach way   The bathing platform near the harbour of Vejbystrand   The peninsula Kullen

The open-air swimming pool of Vejbystrand   The entrance of port of Vejbystrand   The sanatorium KVS in Vejbystrand   The geriatric care KVS Vård AB in Vejbystrand, 1   The geriatric care KVS Vård AB in Vejbystrand, 2

The beak Vejby Udde   A house on the beak Vejby Udde   The stream Klossabäcken in Vejbystrand, 1   The stream Klossabäcken in Vejbystrand, 2   The stream Klossabäcken in Vejbystrand, 3

The stream Klossabäcken in Vejbystrand, 4   The heath Heden in Vejbystrand   A sunset in Vejbystrand        

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