After every third story there is a drawing
or a photography, at each web page.

Kålle is talking to Ada:
- Do you know why the Norwegian king is never passing by Gothenburg?
- No!?
- Well, when he's looking at the sign of Kungsbacka he starts backing!
["king" in Swedish is "kung".]

- Do you know how to recognize a Norwegian in a big store?
- No!
- He's trying to close the revolving door.

A Norwegian was coming into a brand new music shop. As he was the
very first customer, he was allowed to choose two free music instru-
ments. He said:
- I would like to get the red trumpet and the white accordion.
- You may get the fire extinguisher, but of course we really want to
keep the heating element, the salesman said.

A Norwegian in a brand new music store

Two nuns get a flat tyre outside the employment office in Oslo. They're
coming into the employment office to get some help with their flat tyre.
Before they're arriwing at the counter, the first clerk is whispering to
the second one:
- It's getting hard times. Even the Pope starts firing people.

A Norwegian woman is calling a light and power company, which promi-
ses to fix her door bell. The firm is sending an electrician to the woman.
But soon the electrician returned:
- I pushed the button at least 10 times, but noone opened the door.

A man is entering a Norwegian barbershop and he's asking:
- Do you cut hair at this place?
- No, we bend one hair shaft both forward and backward until it's gett-
ing off.

A Norwegian in a Norwegian barbershop

One day every employee at a Norwegian bank went eating in a restau-
rant. One of the employees is shouting out:
- We didn't lock either the bank or the strongroom.
- Why are you worried? We all are here, the bank manager says.
- Okey, of course.

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