At this web page I've written some parts from my personal story.
The story time is about the years of 2000-2009.

In May 2000 I started to work at the Banmuseet in Ängelholm.
(The museum name of today is: Järnvägens Museum Ängelholm
[The Railway Museum, Ängelholm]). I worked at this museum up
to August 2003. At the museum I structured and constructed
electronic devices. Of course I also performed usual museum

In February 2002 I paid for my very first Internet Connection.
My Internet Provider was Telia Internet. [Telia = The Swedish
Telephone Company].

In September 2003 I started a vocational training [In Swedish
"kvalificerad yrkesutbildning"] (KY) in Höganäs. The name of this
education was "Industriell Systemteknik med mekanik och elek-
tronik" [In English "Industrial System Engineering with Mechanics
and Electronics"]. In May 2005 I took my graduation, but the
mechanics was too heavy to me.

In October 2004 I started my home page. My first web hosting
was at the Telia Internet.

In August 2005 I began to study KY Railway Technician Education
at the Railway Academy in Ängelholm. I choosed Signal Technics
and the education was over in June 2006. Unfortunately the envi-
ronment of the rail tracks became too stressful to me.

In July 2006 I started to deliver advertising direct mail at Svensk
Direktreklam [In English "Swedish Advertising Direct Mail Service"]
in Helsingborg. The advertising matters were severally delivered
by a van to me. I collected all of the advertisement leaflets to
each household and distributed the direct mail to the households
by a direct mail wagon.
In September 2008 I quit delivering advertising direct mail. The
direct mail wagon, which I had borrowed, was of course returned.
         To be a direct
mail distributor

My Personal Story