At this web page I've written some parts from my personal story.
The story time is about the years of 1964-2000.

I was born in 1964 at the maternity hospital of Ängelholm. Ängel-
holm is a town in the northwest part of Scania, Sweden. I've been
told that my birthday was a sunny summer day.

I grew up in Vejbystrand. This village is near a sea that is called
Skälderviken. Probably there isn't any difficulties to understand
the beauty of the location of this village. For ages in Vejbystrand
you almost have supported yourself on fishing and agriculture.

I studied the lower and the middle department of the compre-
hensive school in Magnarp, in 1971-1977.
The upper department of the comprehensive school I studied at
Kungsgårdsskolan in Ängelholm.
I went by school bus or ordinary bus to the comprehensive school
in Ängelholm.
In the year 1980 I started to study a three years' education of
a scientific school in Ängelholm. Unfortunately this school didn't
match the plans of my life.
In 1981 I started to study another school: a four years' education
of engineering school.
In 1983 I continued to study industrial chemistry at Tycho Brahe-
skolan in Helsingborg.
In 1985 I had finally passed my higher school certificate.

In 1985 I worked two months in a laboratory at Sydplast in Helsing-
borg. I performed a manufacturing check of plastic grains.

I did the military service at T4 in Hässleholm, in 1985-86. T4 was
a regiment of army service corps. After I finished my military
service, all the regiment of T4 was moved to P2. P2 was a tank
regiment also in Hässleholm.
In 1994 T4 was closed down.

During the last six months of the year 1986, I had different short-
time jobs.
In 1987 I changed specialization from industrial chemistry to
electrical engineering.
I studied three terms at Tekniska Vuxengymnasiet in Gothenburg.
From August 1988 I studied electrical engineering for 2 years at
Tekniska Skolan in Hässleholm. My sub specialization was com-
puter engineering. At the end of this education, I had passed my
electrical engineering certificate.


I was looking for a job, but I didn't get anything.
In 1990-91 I worked at Lindab in Förslöv. I handled machines that
were manufacturing building trade details of sheet metal.

After my employment at Lindab I was unemployed or I had some
kind of occupation by the Labour Market Board.

During the last six months of 1992, I studied Telekommunikations-
linjen in Karlskrona. Telekommunikationslinjen was an education
of telecommunication. But this education was too difficult and
boring. After three months I quit.

In 1993 I had 5 months' relief work. I worked as a messenger at
the town hall of Ängelholm.
In 1994 I was occupied with five months' unpaid relief work. The
only payment, that I got, was from an unemployment fund. This
relief work was called Projekt Dobele and located in Ängelholm.
I repaired electric things, e.g. lamps or toasters. The purpose
of Projekt Dobele was to send useful things as aid to Dobele in

In 1995 I studied a 5 months' course of regulating mechanics, in

In August 1995 I bought my first PC. The PC was a lap-top and
the light of the screen was only in orange. This paragraph is just
by the way.

The summer 1996 and summer 1997 I was seasonal employed at
Samhall's tomato green house in Ängelholm.
In 1998 I had a 3 months' unpaid relief work at Temaki in Ängel-
holm. Temaki is an electronics firm.
In 1999 I worked for 3 months at the electronics division of Sam-
hall in Kristianstad.

In January 2000 I moved from Vejbystrand to Klippan. With that
I've lived for about 30 years in Vejbystrand.
I was still registered in Vejbystrand. But in September 2000 I was
moving to Ängelholm.

My Personal Story