- Mr. Andersson is a very careless fellow. At the start of month he is already broke.
- How do you know?
- Once I tried to borrow a five-crown bill from him.

- Hallo! Is this Mr. Johansson in Mörkhult? Well, I'm calling from the Swedish Broad-
casting Corporation. We're performing to interview radio listners. Is Mr. Johansson's
device turned on?
- No, of course not. I've hidden my illicit distilling device set in the woodshed to
prevent the police finding that thing.

Two small boys sit boasting about their dads. The first one said:
- My dad was building the Swiss Alps.
- Bullshit! The second one said. My dad was killing the Dead Sea.

The Matterhorn Mountain in Switzerland       The Dead Sea in Israel and Jordan

Within parentheses I can mention
that the Matterhorn Mountain is as
an image on the Swiss chocolate
Toblerone package.

The hungry restaurant guest, in Scania, who has received a fork to the soup:
- A spoon please, Missy!
- No, that was just my stomach rumbling.
["Shit, please!" in Scanian is "Sked!", but "spoon" in Swedish is also "sked".]

- Hey Olle! What's the matter about your neighbour? It seems that he doesn't
know so much about farming.
- No, that's true. Last fall he drove all over the potatoe field by a steam-roller
and thought the field would directly be transformed into mashed potatoes.

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